Foil Stamping

Metallic Foil

Our foil grades enable their application to the whole spectrum of graphic materials, from uncoated and coated paper and board, on to laminate, acetate and filmic substrates.

The choice of colour is an important element of our product offering and we have the most extensive range available. Our colour matching service is available to ensure brand consistency across media, including packaging.

We also offer over-printable foils that make this creative option available, regardless of the substrate used.

Pigment Foil

Our pigmented foil is perfect for data coding in situations where legibility and permanence are key – such as in food and drink applications, clinical products and cabling.

Our strength is its versatility across substrates and machinery. There are grades that cover general purpose usage and specialist grades for cables and pipes. It can be used on a wide variety of substrates including papers, boards, hard plastics, acrylics, acetates, nylon, polystyrene, lacquered wood and PVCs.

Holographic Foil

It is primarily used for packaging where shelf appeal is an important element of the marketing mix, particularly among premium products but increasingly with commodity consumer goods. We offer over twenty standard patterns with differing visual effects and colour variants.

With full design, origination and manufacturing services, we can work with you from the inception of the concept through to delivery into the market.

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